International Medical Tourism to Israel

When someone you love is diagnosed with a serious illness, nothing but the best medical treatment will do.

Sometimes this means seeking medical treatment outside your country of origin. Why? Because sometimes, travelling to another country for medical treatment may be the only hope.

The reasons for travelling vary from person to person. For some it may be to participate in a clinical trial that is not available in their country, for others, it may be to receive specialized surgery or specific specialized treatment.

Whatever the personal reasons may be, seeking medical treatment outside of the country of origin is an emotional and exhausting process.

Leaving family behind for what may be an extended period of time, entering a foreign country where the language, mentality and infrastructure is completely different to what you are used to and having no local person to assist in the general day to day logistics and events can be simply overwhelming.

Especially these days during the COVID-19.

We spoke to Rozanne Laufert, the founder of an organization called Aliyah Angels Medical Healthcare Services, based in Israel to find out why international patients seek their concierge medical services and what are the services they offer international patients.

Q: When was AAHCM established and why?

A: AAHCM was established in 2014, when Rozanne Laufert, having worked in the field of International Medical tourism, and Moti Anav understood that whilst receiving the best medical treatment is first priority, when providing people with a good support system and guidance during their stay in Israel, the entire treatment process and the wellbeing of the patient was more positive.

Q: How does a person benefit from your service?

A: As International Medical Tourism representatives, recognized by the Israel Ministry of Health, we take care of the entire process starting from the first application and assessment of the medical documents to the time going home.

We provide patients or caregivers with a list of the medical documents required for the initial medical assessment and continuously update the client on their application status.

We have an establish, professional relationship with the medical advisors at the top medical facilities in Israel which allows for an expedited assessment of the medical documents, the provision of a clear treatment plan and, a reliable point of contact within the medical facility plus ongoing communication during the stay in Israel.

During COVID-19, we ensure all the required permissions and approvals are received from the medical facilities and for the airport authorities.

Q: What are the concierge services you provide?

A: We offer VIP airport pickup and drop off at the pre-arranged accommodation.

We advise on the closest accommodation options allowing for easy travel, accessible transport, and the lowest transport cost for both the patient and the caretakers based on the type of treatment required, length of treatment and physical condition of the patient. In some instances. If preferred private transportation may be available on request.

We arrange for groceries and goodies to be delivered to the accommodation on arrival and during the stay during the isolation period and thereafter. Cooked meals are also available on request.

We offer escort to the diagnostic examinations or other appointments that may be after hours when no other hospital escort is available.

We keep in close contact with the designated medical coordinator to ensure updates of appointments, treatment and diagnostic test are that you are accompanied to all such appointments 24/7.

We arrange any extra needed permissions and documentation is delivered to the patient.

We ensure all results and discussions are communicated in the English language for peace of mind, allowing all communication to be understood and clear which in turn allows for good decision making and easy understanding.

We ensure both the patient, and the caretaker are comfortable at all times and all needs are met to allow both the patient and the caregiver to focus on the treatment and the healing.

Q: When does your service end?

A: Once we have established a relationship with an AAHCM client, our service never ends.

We provide continued service even after dropping off at the airport.

We will ensure the receipt of all outstanding medical summaries and communication is delivered to the patient in English and all future appointments/treatment (if any) is communicated clearly to the patient or to the caregiver.

Q: Do you have a website with references and application information?

A: Yes. We can be reached at or via our Facebook Page Aliyah Angels Healthcare Management.


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