Personal Healthcare Services in Israel

Navigating the medical system in Israel can be extremely challenging for new immigrants.

As authorized medical representatives of the Israel Ministry of Health and working within the healthcare field in Israel, the Aliyah Angels team is qualified to ensure new immigrants and Anglos living in Israel get the best healthcare services available.

Our service includes:

Telephone consultation to understand your medical needs

Preparing a personal medical plan

Assistance with booking medical appointments

Application for a guarantee of payment from the medical funds (Tofes 17)

Explanation of the procedure.

Personal escort to appointments or medical facilities.

Liaison between you and the medical service providers

Healthcare Advocacy

Keep you informed of the treatment planned and the next step recommended by the medical teams

Arrange follow-up treatment at home or in a Rehabilitation Center.

Additional options:

Application to Private Health Insurance companies and National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) – (if needed)

Arrange private specialist consultations (if needed)

Arrange private blood tests and diagnostic services at home

Arranging follow-up home care or treatment/tests at home

Application to “Bituach-Leumi,” caregivers.

The hiring of medical equipment.

We believe that every person deserves to understand and manage their health in Israel without facing a language barrier or lack of understanding of the system alone.



our services:

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