Do you need help with Medical Treatments in Israel?

With over 20 years of experience, you need to know that your health is our mission!

Representing major hospitals

Create your personal Medical file containing all your relevant medical history, previous test results, referrals, claims, treatment and diagnostic information

Personal Escort

Keep you informed of the treatment planned and the next step recommended by the medical teams

Health Services

Taking care of all your needs including follow-up treatment at home or in a Rehabilitation Centre

Appointment bookings

Liaise between you + the medical service providers + medical staff at your Kupat Holim, consultants at your Private Health Insurance companies and Bituach Leumi & Apply for approvals

About Us

The focus of Aliyah Angels is to give health care services support to English speaking immigrants because we believe that every person deserves to understand and manage their health in Israel. | We offer our experience and knowledge in managing all your healthcare needs to allow you to reach the best medical providers in Israel. | Our service begins by understanding your medical needs, preparing a personal medical plan, booking medical appointments, requesting the necessary permissions, explanation of the procedure, escort to medical facilities, advocacy, liaison with medical providers and home care. | We also assist you with application to "Bituach-Leumi", caregivers and hiring of medical equipment.

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